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1. Smart Support 24/7

Our Smart Support Plan covers absolutely everything on your Smart Home.

Our systems are able to self-restore after a power loss or an internet outage. Nevertheless our SmartSupport team is always on-duty in case something stops working as expected. We'll take care of the situation ASAP remotely accessing your Home Brain or heading directly to your home when needed..

We'll even put our boots on and teletransport to your home when necessary... no charge!

  • 24/7/365 Proactive Support
  • Emergency remote assistance within 1 hour
  • Disaster recovery service
  • Real-time online support ticket access
  • Regular or on-demand services
  • Wireless sensors battery monitoring and replacements

  • Onsite support and services included when needed
  • Faster response time due to remote/onsite priorization
  • Bi-weekly performance and reliability check-ups
  • Cutting-edge services
  • Systems administration
  • Service monitoring and support
  • Security patches and firmware upgrade monitoring
  • Introduction of new technologies tailored to your home

Request Support
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  • 1-888-466-3660

2. Recurring Service

Our service includes constant monitoring and periodic check-ups in order to guarantee the correct performance of every sub-system, task, and routine... even in the harshest environments.

In order to do so, our SmartSupport Team will monitor everything from sensor's batteries to the Home Brain development and will adjust every setting or value in order to keep your home the smartest of the neighborhood.

3. Smart Improvement

Training your home is not an easy job; nevertheless, we're here to make it easy for you!

Transforming your home into a Smart Home takes time and dedication. We'll "train" your home to do all kinds of stuff we know you might like. We'll need your input as well for us to know what will make your life easier.

At the beginning, once your home is automated, we'll work by your side for the first two weeks to "train" your new Smart Home according to your lifestyle:

  • Do you need that lamp to turn on when you walk through the hall? -Done!...
  • Do you want the A/C a little colder when you arrive home? -Sure!...
  • Do you like your bedroom's ceiling fan to turn on at a low speed when you go to bed? -Why not?!

Remember, we are here to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER... and your home smarter!

About IncrediHome

We are a Houston based, family owned, smart home solutions provider. We are addicted to gadgets and hi-tech devices, which we'd love to share with our customers!

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Top Services

  • Smart Home/Office Planning
  • Making your home work for you
  • Networking & WIFI
  • Smart Control Solutions
  • Home Theater & A/V

Liability Insurance

  • Covered by: StateFarm
  • Coverage: up to $1-million
  • Policy Expiration: 06/01/2019


  • Texas DPS Private Security
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Z-wave Certified
  • ESA Member
  • NEST Pro
  • Rachio Pro
  • August Pro

Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Licensee on:
Security Contractor, Electronic Access Company, Alarm Company, Security Consultant Company
License Number: B07348101
Incredihome Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review

We are an Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Houston.

We are active members of the Z-wave Alliance, and we are certified as well as Z-wave installers. Z-wave is the wireless technology all smart-devices use to communicate.

We are active members of Electronic Security Association (ESA).

We are NEST Certified Professional Installers. NEST is the world's top-ranked Smart Thermostat manufacturer.

We are Rachio Certified Professional Installers. Rachio is the manufacturer of the best Smart Sprinkler System Control in the market.

We are August Certified Professionals. August brings a wide selections of Smart Access Control devices.