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Have you ever dreamed of a home that works for you and not the other way around? We'll make your dream come true!

  Here's how!

What we do best!

  • Smart Home Automation

  • Get conveninient with full home automation: We are proud to create some of the best Smart Home Solutions in the market, developed from scratch and adapted to you, your family and your lifestyle!

  • Networking & WIFI

  • We have over 15 years of IT & IoT experience installing, maintaining and supporting both residential and commercial computer networks always recommending the best technology available.

  • Home Security

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your home and your loved ones are always safe and protected. Offering custom security systems and our State of the Art monitoring center you can sleep worriless again!

  • SmartSupport Team

  • All of our systems are secure, reliable and capable of auto-restoring after a critical situation. Our solutions are designed to be assistive instead of intrusive. The best of all: we offer 24/7 Support to our IncrediUsers.

IncrediHome Key Features

Lighting & Scenes

Turning on/off a light have never been more convenient, you will probably never use a light switch ever again. Lights will turn on while you walk thru your home and then turn off when you leave each room. You may even adjust your shades automatically and set scenes to make the mood for either a romantic dinner or a movie night in family


Your home will know and learn how hot or cold you like every zone, auto-adjusting to fit your needs. It will even alternate between HVAC and ceiling fans to save energy, closing shades when there is too much heat outside and turning exhaust fans on when you're taking a shower


Saving water and having a perfectly green lawn has never been easier. Your home will know when it's time to water your plants, and will save tons of water in the process


Solar Harvesting

The cherry on the top of the milkshake for any smart home would be generating its own electricity, in the state of Texas we count with the most intense sun radiation all year long, this allows a Solar-cell System to be as efficient as it gets, providing enough energy during the day to make your home basically self-sustainable

Door Locks & Garage

Have you ever left your home and suddenly freak out because you can't remember if you close the garage door? Are you already in bed but thinking if you forgot to lock the patio or the front door? Never mind, your home has already taken care of it.

Energy Usage

Among lots of features, you may even monitor how much energy is your home using, allowing you to adjust a few settings to help you save money.

06:00 AM

When you wake up

When you wake up in the morning, your IncrediHome can turn on the lights, heat water so it can be ready for shower, open your bedroom shades, turn up the thermostat, play your morning news briefing, and turn on the coffee machine.

09:00 AM

When you leave home

When you are ready to leave home, your IncrediHome can lock all the doors, turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat, close the garage door, and turn on monitoring systems.

12:00 PM

While you're away

While you're away from home, your IncrediHome can send you alerts if there is any unexpected activity like motion in some areas, a water leak, or even if you've forgotten to close your garage door when leaving.

06:00 PM

When you arrive home

When you arrive home in the evening, your IncrediHome can open the garage door, turn on the lights on your path, turn on your favorite music, control your home's appliances, and set the thermostat to your desired temperature.

09:00 PM

When you go to bed

When you are ready to go to bed, your IncrediHome can set the thermostat to a colder temperature, close your bedroom shades, turn on the ceiling fan as well, turn on your TV, turn all the lights off, and lock all the doors.

See everything your Incredihome can do!

I can't say enough great things about this business!!! I had a NEST emergency (current unit not working at midnight in Houston). Not only did he come out but made sure I got a new unit...YES, he got me a new NEST at midnight!! But installed it because he didn't want us without A/C!! He also checked back several times to make sure we were cooling down!!! You don't find service like this anymore!!!
S. Mobley
S. Mobley

I was on my sixth month of pregnancy when my husband upgraded our home, in three words: BEST GIFT EVER! I had some days when I just couldn't get out of bed, I just needed to ask my home to turn down the thermostat or turn on the lights. I could even ask it to show me the front door when someone rang the bell. That was just amazing!
C. Trinitario
C. Trinitario

Great support from IncrediHome. Professional services all the way. If you need it, they got it. It's a huge deal having full control of my home everywhere I travel.
D. Wilhelm
D. Wilhelm

Does amazing work. Knows his stuff and incredibly smart. Very kind as well. Highly recommended!
T. Wilhelm
T. Wilhelm

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We are a Houston based, family owned, smart home solutions provider. We are addicted to gadgets and hi-tech devices, which we'd love to share with our customers!

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  • Texas DPS Private Security
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Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Licensee on:
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License Number: B07348101
Incredihome Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review

We are an Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Houston.

We are active members of the Z-wave Alliance, and we are certified as well as Z-wave installers. Z-wave is the wireless technology all smart-devices use to communicate.

We are active members of Electronic Security Association (ESA).

We are NEST Certified Professional Installers. NEST is the world's top-ranked Smart Thermostat manufacturer.

We are Rachio Certified Professional Installers. Rachio is the manufacturer of the best Smart Sprinkler System Control in the market.

We are August Certified Professionals. August brings a wide selections of Smart Access Control devices.